Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2023

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GTA Vice City APK Free Download For Android, Also Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Available Here, One Click to Download. No Advertisement No Log-in.

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 6
Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android

We are coming back with another latest app trick, which is GTA Vice City APK Free Download For Android, Also Mod APK is available here to get unlimited money, Unlocked full maps, all missions passed or you can skip any mission. you can add Cleo editor in GTA Vice City APK to use any cheat code in a running the game anywhere at any time.

If we talk about rockstar games, these is very popular games for a long time on windows, mac, Sony Plays Station, Microsoft Xbox console, and much other gaming platforms. I think you better know already.

This game is too older but many popular and nowadays many people play this game. Rockster games launched GTA Vice city, GTA San Andreas, and GTA 3 around a few years ago, and also all those games are quite popular sometimes because they are already available in many other platforms.

It comes with smooth and realistic same gameplay in android. If we talk about graphics so HD graphics improve reliability and gameplay. But you know those all games are offline but not free for android in the google play store and apple app store.

Many people and gamers want to download GTA Vice City apk and play in android but all people not have the money to purchase it. so they are going to some other ways to play free. this is not the legal way but they do not have any other option.

If we talk about GTA Vice City APK price in google play store and Apple Play Store this is too high more than 400 Indian rupees or around 6 dollars at starting time and after some time that will be decreased or increase it’s all depend on numbers of downloads and popularity of games.

If you want to Download GTA Vice City APK, Play on android and don’t spend money in the play store. I have the best solution for you, You can Download the game with the below download link, it is a safe and secure google drive download link which is provided you with good download speed, and doesn’t need to see or click an ad or log in.

GTA 5 is the latest game in this series so far, if you want to play this game on your smartphone you can Download GTA V Mobile by clicking here.

About GTA Vice City APK

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 7

All people who love to play games already know about rockstar games and GTA Vice city but let’s look journey of these games and their success.

The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a Rockstar North 2002 action adventure title released by Rockstar Games. Set in Miami’s fictionally-style Drug City in 1987, the game will feature mobster Tommy Vercetti after he was released from jail. It’s the first installment in the Grand Theft Auto series after Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. Having been caught in a drug deal, he searches the people working on building a criminal empire and seizing power from other criminal organizations in the town.

The match is run from the viewpoint of a 3rd person, and the game is navigated by car or legs. The world’s largest open architecture enables players to easily travel around Vice City, which contains two major islands. The game involves several persons and events in the real nation, including Mexicans, Latin Americans, and motorbike gang members, the epidemic in the 1980s, Miami’s Mafioso drug lords, and the dominance of glam metal.

The film and TV of that old period, including kill bill and Miami Vice, have inspired the gameplay and player. The design team carried out a lot of fieldwork in Miami USA while building the Game Map, creating the best match-up map and structure to fit the inspiration and time periods.

When it was released, Vice City was highly praised, with a special focus on its tunes, play, and action-adventure open word game design. However, its depictions of brutality and race groups, furious protests, and lawsuits also generated controversy. The game Vice City was the best-selling and many popular 2002 video game with over 18 million copies sold.

As one of the most important titles of the fourth computer game creation and one of the largest ever, it has won many awards from several game journals at the middle of each year. The game has been placed on many gaming platforms since it was first launched.

GTA Vice City APK Android Game-Play

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 1
Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 2
Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 3
Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 5

The world was taken surprise by Grand Theft Auto III launce for android at few years ago. With there two Dimensional visuals and absence of a concentrated storytelling style restricted their attraction, even if the top two games in the series were short lasted. GTAIII, from the other side, had the enormous, pulsing world to look at, and it modified the free roaming, variational layout of its successors and introduced a more great story to the project.

These advances, combined with excellent automobile dynamics, shocking game play versatility and a strong sense of fashion, have turned GTAIII into a run down smash and that one of the good things approved from both diehard and informal players.

In Miami , Florida, the new GTA game is takes place in the fictional way, called the Vice City. It’s the year 1985 and then after fifteen years for the gang, Tommy Vercetti was released from jail. The crowd, quite accurately, recognizes the reluctance of Tommy to squeeze in return for a minor penalty, thereby sending himself to Vice City even for new activities.

In Vice City, Tommy’s first line of work is to acquire a huge quantity of drugs. But Tommy’s first prescription contract turns badly and leaves him without money, no drugs, and no understanding who was wrongful.

The crowd is naturally upset about the entire thing and now, until the gang members fall back from Liberty City and settle the mess, Tommy must compensate for the setback. Like Tommy, you are going to begin the research and start figuring out who struck you off, end up taking care of your business and set up a giant, big shop in Vice City.

And you will also be driving taxis engagement in a soft ground fight between both the Cuban people and the Honduran people. Friend of a scotch punk band named Love Fist, pizza hut boy, slam up some local shopping center, destroy a construction at lesser property prices.

Although Grand Theft Auto is still a brutal, thoughtful series, it has always adjusted gang violence with a level playing field of mood and theme. Vice City is an overstatement of the eighties and incorporates the kitschy popular culture tropes used in film and TV throughout the period. Vice City is no different. The story of drugs resembles films such as Scar face and TV shows like Miami Vice. Humor comes primarily from music, the kind of attitude of type over function that too many people equate with the 80’s century really brings around.

GTA Vice City APK and MOD Features

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 8
  1. It is Compress RAR file, So Game size is little bit small compare to original version of this game
  2. Whole Map already Unlocked.
  3. Cleo Mod Enable. (You have to place it correctly)
  4. Unlimited money to buy it anything.
  5. You can skip any mission which you don’t like.
  6. All weapons are available at one click.
  7. Unlimited Health using cleo mod
  8. Unlimited Ammo of any guns
  9. No weapon reload
  10. Infinite Health of any vehicle using cleo mod (Doer Mod)
  11. Spawn any car in anywhere in game
  12. All cars comes with original brad and customization (You need to add car data)
  13. All mission are completed. Enable option in cleo mod.
  14. You can play it offline only. I strongly suggest only play when your internet connection is off, it can decease chance to get error in game. Go to app settings and restrict data usage, it is best solution for it.

Specifications and Requirement of GTA Vice City APK

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 9
  • App Name- GTA Vice City APK and MOD APK
  • Required Android OS –  Android version 7.0 and Above
  • App Size- Around 1 GB (APK and Obb Data)
  • Downloads- 1000K plus in google play store.
  • Last Update- 15 June 2020
  • Age Restriction- Age must be grater then 18 year
  • App Category- Open World Game
  • App Rating- 4.4 of 5
  • App Version- 1.09
  • Availability- Not Free (Only Paid)
  • Root Access-  No need to access root in android smartphones. (Some Cleo Editor Version required root access)
Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City APK For Android, Normal APK, MOD APK, + Obb Data Free Download 2020 10

Download GTA Vice City APK (Original Google Play Store- Paid)

Download GTA Vice City APK (Mediafire Download Link)

Download GTA Vice City MOD APK (Mediafire Download Link)

Download GTA Vice City OBB Data (Google Drive Download Link)

How to Download and Install GTA Vice City APK

  • This is GTA Vice City APK, which is not available in google Play Store. So you can downloaded it with our mirror link. (it is Mediafire Link with resume-able download, It is most trusted and safe cloud storage platform in all over world).
  • Recommended Browser – Chrome Browser, opera Browser and UC Browser.
  • Download File From above Download link in your android smart phone.
  • Ope root Directory and find Downloaded File.
  • Open Downloaded file and install.
  • You need to enable unknown source. (Follow Steps)
  • Click on install
How to Download And Install
How to Download And Install
  • Open settings of your android smartphone.
  • Click on Additional Settings. Go to  Privacy tab.
  • Click on Unknown sources Enable.
  • You can install it easily to follow this steps.
  • Done. Enjoy !!

It is a Free Apk but not in google and apple play store, Download and Enjoy your GTA Vice city APK in any android without spent money. Also mod version is very attractive and comes with many extra feature but if any one play the story mode in this, in my suggestion only play with normal APK and also add a cleo editor for easy and instant apply any cheat code to anywhere.

Download Link is available of latest version of this android game so, What are you waiting for, Download normal or mod Apk and play HD open world android game for free.

What can I Do if any APK Required OBB or Data ?

Generally small android app or games does not required any external OBB file or Data.

But if game file size it too large then you need to download apk with small size and obb data with big size, so big games always required external Data or OBB.

If you want to download and play big games so which is more then 200 MB, obviously It required a External Data or OBB file. All Big Android Games available comes with a Apk and external obb or Data. Follow Simple process to place OBB and Data file correctly in your android.

  • Download Apk file and also Download OBB or Data file.
  • After a Successfully download, install Apk file in your Android smartphone.
  • Open file manager. (Recommended ES File manager)
  • Navigate Your downloaded OBB or Data file.
  • If your Downloaded file is OBB, then Cut and paste in to Root/Android/OBB folder.
  • OBB folder will already created in your android folder.
  • If your Downloaded file is DATA folder, then Cut and paste in to Root/Android/ folder.
  • Done, Enjoy your all big mod games with Mod Data.


  1. Need to spent money for it ? – I think this is a normal Android GTA Vice City APK which is work even your mobile data is off, So you do not need to spend money or buy a game in google play store or apple app store. You can use it unless it stopped working.
  2. Which is best ? – We have been given a Mod apps above. There is some advantages in everything, there is some disadvantages. Not all features useful for everyone. So you have to choose which app is good for you. But if anyone play in story mode i strongly suggest a normal game apk.
  3. Is it comes with a Bug ? – We have tried as much as we can to find the bug in MOD App, but we did not find any major bug or problem. Even if it has, the developers always try to fix bugs in upcoming updates. So don’t worry about it.
  4. Is it harmful for Devices ? – I don’t think so any mod games or app damage your android devices or may be stolen your data because android become a more secure and app need your permission to read any data so don’t worry about it.


We do not suggest to you use any crack or modded application in your smart phone and devices. It is only for education purpose and other all things depend on you. You can decide you want use such mod app and games or not. Also we are not responsible for anything, I think you can understand.


GTA Vice city is the best open word games for android and it is comes with good HD Graphics. If we talk about it’s game play so it is very smooth and control are more comfortable for anyone. If you never play Gta Vice city before, I suggest you try at-least one time, you will never wast your time and internet to download this game.

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