Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense-Solve. 2020 Latest Tricks.

How to Solve Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense


Now many adSense user got a notification or Mail of Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense. If you are also got it mail your adsense account so you are on right place to solve it and remove limit of your Ad serving. It is Temporary Privacy Policy errors could be causes by may reasons which you never know.

Ad-Sense take strictly actions against self Advertisement click or brake it’s Policy since Sep- 2019. You need to strictly follow his policy if you want to be more on AdSense advertisement platform, otherwise they can be banned or disable your adsense account. Many user are used adsense for earning a lot of money by wrong way, so google change his policy and develop a new automatic Eco system for protect a publisher and users from fraud and bad ad experiences.

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What Is Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense

If you also got it so you also got E-mail from google Adsense.

it mail inform you a invalid traffic concern in your website by many reason. Means your adsense account not a banned or disable, it is only temporary error by braking Policy of adsense so don’t worry. it is causes by many reason that is mention bellow. But google adsense detect you will do brake his policy in future or invalid activity then your account may be permanently disabled. So please don’t do any wrong with your account if you want to get back your add and solve it.

Why you got

  • First you need to know. By which reason you got a mail of Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense.
  • Log in to your Adsense  account . Click Hear to redirect on Google adsense home page
  • Click and scroll down settings option and click on Policy Center.
  • Where you can see a particular reason for it.
  • Every user got a different types of a reason and you ca see your reason. Majority user always got it by reason of invalid traffic concern.

Some Reasons to you got it Policy Error.

  • If you purchase a paid traffic.
  • Traffic generated by Bot or any virtual  platform.
  • If you encourage your visitor to click advertisement.
  • If you got a traffic from low quality parties or referrals.
  • If you click your own ads.
  • if you do like a click for click or any add click exchange program.
  • if you buy traffic from social platform like Facebook ads, Instagram etc.
  • Paid to Promote your website in social media and got traffic from unusual contain.
  • If you post any copyright, sexual or unusual contain in your websites or Blog.
  • If you post your link in Social media rapidly and got a traffic from same user.
  • Miss Uses of your add code.
  • If you got traffic from only Viral Script.
  • You did not have any organic traffic.

How to Solve it.

Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense 65

if you want to remove it in your website or blog, So you need to work at-least 5 to 10 days and guaranteed it will be removed. it all method to solve it error are easy to do.

1) Method 1 – Remove your site from Adsense.

I have first tries it method and it was worked for me. if you got it error in your website first time then you can tied it method, If it did not work for you so go for second method.

  • Open Adsense.com
  • Log in to your account and open. which have it problem.
  • Click on Sites bar which you can see in left main panel.
  • You can see your website in right side.
  • Click on remove button. Remove you site from adsense.
  • Also Remove you all add code and other google script from your website which is placed on Head.
  • Open your WordPress or blogger and Change your website Them.
  • Check your adsense after 3 to 5 days, Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense error error will gone from your adsenese.
  • Wait for 5 to 7 days.
  • After a 5 to 7 days. Open Adsense,  go to Site Tab and add your similar website, which you have been removed before 15 Days. Also you can add a new Domain.
  • It shows waiting for approve. but Don’t worry is will done with-in 1 to 2 days.
  • Done. You will get back your add.

2) Method 2 – Get Traffic from all Platform (100% Works)

Get some organic traffic

if you want to remove this error then organic traffic for your website is must needed. but how can you do. i have a solution of your problem. search your websites to your friends with keyword not through URL. ie. Search on google “Findtrick” and you will see your website or blog at first page (See in Upper Image).If you have a particular rank keyword of your post, then it is better. ie, ” New VPN Blocker Script January 2020

Example see in above image. It will be done easily by help of your friends.


you need to daily 50 to 100 page view by organic traffic and 10 to 20 different users. it must important to take page view from different user. Daily do same 5 to 7 days. But not take more then 10 page view from single user.it will help to remove this error in your adsense.

Get some Social traffic from Facebook ad Instagram

Post a new article link in your Facebook page or post stories in Instagram and take at-least 50 page view from social media. It is easy do it, if you are post in to public Facebook Groups or pages. keep in mind not post rapidly to avoid spam your website link and Only post those groups which is related to your website or Blog niche (must Important) .

Get some traffic from YouTube.

Make any YouTube channel that related to your website. post any non copyright video and put your website or article link in to description. If you don’t make YouTube channel then i have another way. Comment your website link in any non used ad non updated Chanel and share it with your friends. That link provide a YouTube referral traffic. you can do it with help of your friends.it will help to remove ad limit on your adsense account.

Get some traffic from WhatsApp.

If you got Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense by sharing your link in WhatsApp group then Skip it. We all have some WhatsApp friends and groups, Write suitable article in your blog and share your link on some groups and friends. it will help to get a traffic. But not get more than 100 Page view in a single day.

Get some traffic from Twitter

Make your twitter account and post your link in tweet and open it by your friends help. it will help to get some twitter referral traffic. it will help to remove temporary ad serving limit place on your adsense account error

Traffic from online forms

Share your link to online forms and post your link on website which is same like quora (question answer websites). But keep in mind form and question are related to your niche is must important.

3) Do it – Helpful Things

You can apply some basic script in to your Blog or website. it will help you to remove  Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense error.

Add Auto refresh Code

<meta content=’120′ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

Past it in to before </head> section. That code will automatically refresh your website page after each 120 second so you will be get more page view from a organic visitor. you can get deiffrent timing, as per your requirement

Insert VPN Blocker Script in to your website

VPN blocker script will help you when you got a Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense error. it will block a all of VPN attacks and invalid traffic from a VPN or Proxy. So you can add it to your blog. If you don’t know how to place it in your Website read our Article

Download – Click Hear for VPN Blocker Script Latest.

Daily add At-least on article in your blog

if got it error recently and do you want to get back your add so daily write non-copyright, effective and useful article related to your niche. Do it regularly or one time between 2 days. Google need to know you are a active on your website. It is very helpful.

Solve Within 10 Days


First, I think yo need to try first method if it did not work for you then try second. second method will defiantly works now to remove Temporary Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense error. Thank you all for supporting us. Stay connected with us and keep supporting, Don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel. Thank you all.

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