Technocare Tricks APK Free Download (100% Working APK) FRP Bypass.

Free Download Technocare Tricks Working APK, It is Working perfect to Bypass FRP

Hello Reader. We coming back with another new trick and tutorial, which is how to download and use Technocare Tricks APK to easily bypass FRP. This is one of the best working tricks to skips some mandatory things like that.

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This application mostly use for bypass FRP in any Samsung android smart phones and also working perfectly with many other brands like motorola, lenovo, MI, Xiomi, Huawai, Samsung, Lava, Intex, Geoniee, Oppo, Realme, Vivo and many more to do more extricable things.

If your phone locked or you have forgotten pattern and password then you have to hard reset your any android phone but what shout you do if also you have forgotten you gmail ID. The way is only one to bypass FRP, you need to use Technocare Tricks APK and you can back you any android phone unlocked with easy steps. But that is not easy as you thing, you have to follow simple steps to get back your android device.

You have to download and install this app in to your android phone and i know you can do it easily. But also some problem with that app because it is no compatible with all android devices. May be not working in your android device but majorly working on all Samsung smart phones and also that is made of it.

Technocare Tricks APK, How to Download and Use ?

Technocare Tricks APK Free Download (100% Working APK) FRP Bypass. 2

This APK allow any user to create new google account in to your phone even without unlock phone but you have to follow simple steps to do this process correctly. This is very useful app when you have forgotten pattern and password of your phone and you have hard reset your any android devices. Android become more and more secure with upcoming security updates.

So you can not able to access you android devices directly after hard reset. When you start device it is asking you for old gmail identity to ensure you are the right user. But many people not remember that which gmail ID and password was present in his/her device. Now they need to bypass FRP process using Technocare Tricks APK. This app is made it easier for any user with locked android phone.

What is FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

This is Factory Reset Protection which pre included with latest android operating system and also it is make your data secure when your phone will stolen or missing.

In android phones with android operating system 5.1 (Lollipop) and or above, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature. The FRP provides an advanced protection feature that safeguards your phone and files, like screen locks and password protection. If a Google account has been signed into the system and is deactivated after Google removes an user account from the system before the Factory Data Reset is eventually triggered. If the FRP is disabled, after factory data reset in an unregulated manner, it will prohibit the use of your computer.

The latter ensures that FRP Lock is supported if your device has hard reset in a different way than configurations > General control > Reset > Factory Data Reset. All configurations will be brought back to default factory settings and all private details, including files and apps installed, will be deleted if you readjust the factory data. You have to enter your Google authentication in the Google FRP if the Google FRP has been permitted before you could even reset your android smart phone. When your phone is missing or stolen and Factory Data Reset has also been taken in an unregulated manner, the FRP lock is activated.

Standard Way To Remove Factory Reset Protection (If you Remember old Google Account Username and Password)

If you wish to re-set your device to default factory settings in a trust less environment, make sure you know your Google account login details as soon as you reset the device. You should use one of the preceding if you want to restore your computer to default state, but do not recall Google authentication.

If you Remember old Google Account Username and Password

  • Power on your android device.
  • You have to configure your device.
  • Now your phone asking to Google account username and password.
  • You have to connect your phone with internet or WiFi.
  • Enter correct account information.
  • Done ! your phone will be start normally and now you can change google account.

You know the username but have forgotten the password

  • Try Login you google account in another device like PC or Laptop.
  • Click on forgot password option.
  • Clear security question or process.
  • Done! you password has been reset.
  • Enter correct account information in to android device.
  • Your phone will be start normally.

What can you do, if you don’t know username and password of google account

Then you have only one option, you have to use Technocare Tricks APK to unlock your android device and bypass FRP (Mostly happens in Samsung android devices). This is very small android app and comes with simple user interface. You can do it very easily with using this android app.

Technocare Tricks APK Features

Technocare Tricks APK Free Download (100% Working APK) FRP Bypass. 1

This is very simple app but very useful to bypass FRP. You can see bellow some features detail of this android app

  • You can use it for free, no paid or premium version app available
  • No login or Sign up required to use it
  • This is app comes without android app
  • You can easily install this app via computer
  • This is very easy and simple app to Bypass FRP
  • Compatible with all brands of android devices


App NameTechnocare Tricks APK
Required Android OSAndroid version 5.0 and Above
App SizeAround 30 MB
Last UpdateDec 2020
DownloadsNot Applicable
App CategoryTools
App RatingNot Applicable
App Version1.0.0
AvailabilityFree of Cost
DeveloperGsm Unlock Spot
Root AccessNo need to access root in android smartphones.

How to Download

You have to click bellow blue download button to get it application. When you click on download button then you will be automatically redirect on media fire storage website and there you can download any desired file with one click.

How to Install and Use ?

You have to follow simple process to use that app and unlock android device and bypass FRP. You can see full tutorial bellow.

  1. First you need to download apk through download link
  2. Copy file to your pen drive and now you have to need USB OTG stick.
  3. Plugin pen drive to you android phone.
  4. You can see file manager popup and now you can able to navigate and install app in to your android phone.
  5. Enable unknown source
  6. Wait till installation process has been completed.
  7. Open app
  8. Now you can able to unlock FRP

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Can use it any Mobile ? – Is is majorly support all android device and many brands but i can tell you assuredly for compatibility.
  • It is working of mine ? -Yes why not, and mainly it is working 100% in all Samsung devices.
  • Can i used PC method ? – yes sure because i think PC FRP unlocking method is more suitable and accurate.
  • How can install it apk via Windows ? – Now you have to install ADB drivers in to your windows computer and you can easily install any application through it.


If you are try to install via PC then you have to enough knowledge about this method because it is very sensitive and may be your Rom become corrupted through simple command and also we are not responsible for any damage of your device. We are not develop this app and all credits and hard work goes to it’s developer, here we just provide you only application.


If you want to unlock FRP in android phone then you can try Technocare Tricks APK. This is very simple and easy method to unlock and android phone when you have forgotten your google account username and password.

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