Strange VPN Host APK Free Download V 2.5

How to Download and Use Strange VPN ?

Hello Readers, Today i will shoe you how to download and Use Strange VPN Host APK. Here you can get full tutorial about it app and how to use it for PUBG VPN tricks. You have to read full tutorial to get answer of your question.

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This is one the best free virtual private server provider (VPN) in all over word and also that’s server are more secure and powerful if we compare other free VPN. Also you can get huge amount of different server by many countries IP address. This is very useful and free if you are looking for PUBG VPN Tricks.

Now VPN is most suitable and reliable option make your security and privacy stronger. As you know in our nation many URL are already blocked due to some policy violation or security option, what can you do if you want to use it or you do not have another option. Then you can easily use any blocked or spam URL with VPN without compromise your security and privacy.

Netflix has also increase market of VPN because Netflix USA version is also unique and many shows only available only for USA which not stream from other country, so people used powerful Virtual private server to enjoy all premium movies and TV shows. Which is only possible if you use USA Virtual private server.

Many time people scared by cyber hacking or stolen his/her data. That time virtual network is make important role to secure your all data and personal information. Many people use that when they are connected with public free internet network.

What Is VPN and Why should I use it

The Internet confidentiality and anonymity can be accomplished by creating a private network over a public network via a virtual private network. VPNs lock up your IP address and you can effectively untrace your online activities. In particular, VPN providers provide secure and authenticated communications which provide more security than a reliable wireless Internet connection.

Do you need VPN ?

Accessing the web or dealing on an insecure Wi-Fi network ensures that your private details and search history can be available. Therefore, for all those people worried with data security and safety, a virtual private network known best as a VPN is a must. Mind to check the email you were in the coffee shop any time you were on the go or to check your bank balance while sitting in public internet network.

If the data exchanged during the online program is not plugged into a personal Wi-Fi Internet system requiring authentication, it can be suscep to anyone using the same network. The VPN’s encryption and privacy helps maintain electronic practices such as sending an email, making purchases or paying the bills. VPNs also contribute the anonymity in internet browsing.

How is It Protect You ?

VPNs simply define the home network data corridor and the unloading node at another spot that may be several hundred kilometers away and it looks like you are somewhere. It value allows the flexibility of the internet or to browse your favorite websites and pages on the go. Below is a brief look at how a privately owned virtual network operates.

VPNs use cryptography to access data when sent through a Wi-Fi network. Encryption makes it difficult to read the data. Data protection is especially necessary for accessing the public Wi-Fi network since the User is not permitted to connect to anyone else on the network.

Confidentiality has another aspect. Your wireless mobile internet will learn your browsing history without so much as a VPN. A VPN is used in the search history. That is because the network operation is linked to, not someone else’s, the Address of the VPN server. A supplier of VPN services can provide servers worldwide.

This means that in each one of them the quest operation can appear to start. Please note that your browser activity is often tracked by search engines, but it does not connect your details to an IP address. Your VPN will keep certain users hidden online again.

Strange VPN Host APK V 2.5

Strange VPN Host APK Free Download 2
Strange VPN Host APK

People had also repeatedly found that some of internet sites in our university , school, working environment and in our country are limited but everybody needs to also have access, when we can not. Such web pages are easy to access via Strange VPN Server, although all internet sites are easy to reactivate.

Everybody have today to protect their information from cyber hacking and thefts. However most of them wouldn’t realize that their data and knowledge are at great risk if they bind their android devices to unreliable free public WiFi. So don’t fear that in this case, the virtual private server will protect you against cyber hacking. So when necessary, this VPN is always used to remain secure and reach a secure server.

Strange VPN Host APK Features

Strange VPN Host APK Free Download 3

This free but very powerful virtual server service provider. As you know it not place in top 10 VPN list, we understand such free application not provide you top level services because it not also required subscription or it not offers paid. All words most powerful consist in this category is paid and required monthly subscription so that provide you a word class felicity.

Strange VPN Host APK Free Download 4

This not provide you world class features but enough if you do not spent money for free. Lets talk about it’s feature and some specification.

Strange VPN Host APK Free Download 5
  • It is totally free of cost. you do not have to pay for it.
  • Enough powerful server.
  • You can use all that website or application which is blocked by your IP or country.
  • It is also help you to secure and safe you privacy, while you are connected with free public internet network (Free Public WiFi)
  • Also you can get regular app update with many upgrades and new IP address of all over world.
  • If you want to hide you IP Address with some website or application then it will help you a lot.
  • Best service provider in free services.
  • One click to connect and disconnect with any server or host.
  • Simple user interface and reliable to all types of user.
  • Newer version is accurate and bugs fix.
  • Very useful in PUBG VPN Tricks.
  • Strongly recommended

Why You have to Use Strange VPN Host APK

You have many option to use it service but many powerful service provide a paid service, so you have to spend around 10 dollar per month. If you going with free then it is best option for you. That is main reason why you have to go with it. Also it provide you to primary protection against cyber hacking.


App NameStrange VPN Host APK
Required Android OSAndroid version 4.2.0 and Above
App SizeAround 2 MB
Last Update7 July 2020
Downloads2.5 Thousand Plus
App CategoryFree Virtual Private Server Service
App Rating4.2 out of 5
App VersionVersion 2.0.5
AvailabilityFree of Cost
DeveloperPersian Keyboard, Arabic keyboard Apps for Android
Root AccessNo need of root access in to android smartphones.

Special Requirement

It does not required any special hardware or software specification but you have at least one GB RAM and 1 Ghz processor and mid level GPU. Also it is work smoothly in all low end android device.

Click Here to Download

Here you can get google play store download link which is very secure and genuine platform to download any android application.

How to Install Correctly ?

  • This is google play store download link which is quite safe and trusted platform
  • Recommended Browser Chrome browser, Opera web browser, Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser to download Strange VPN Host APK
  • Download File From above Download link in your android smart phone.
  • Open root Directory and find Downloaded File.
  • Open Downloaded file and install.
  • You need to enable unknown source. (Follow Steps)
  • Click on install
How to Download And Install
How to Download And Install
  • Open settings of your android smartphone.
  • Click on Additional Settings. Go to  Privacy tab.
  • Click on Unknown sources Enable.
  • You can install it easily to follow this steps.
  • Done. Enjoy !!

How to Use ?

This is comes with very simple user interface and navigation. I don’t think so you will get any problem with it. You can connect with any secure server with one click.

  1. Download Strange VPN Host APK application
  2. Open app
  3. Tap to navigation bar and select your suitable country’s server
  4. Tap to connect host
  5. You can see connection status in notification bar
  6. Tap to disconnect host if you want to disconnected.

Top 10 Best Alternatives of Strange VPN Host APK

Here you can find some best alternatives of this APK, you can try another if you did not like this android app.

2Hotspot Shield
4Surfshark VPN
7Proton VPN
8Battle Net


VPN is Virtual Private Network, so it virtual not a reality. If you are use such site which is blocked by your government so it meany you are break your law. May be it is You can get in trouble. Keep in mind some legal things before use it for illegal work. Because many people use it for illegal work, so we never suggest you to do it and getting you in big trouble.


  • Is it Free? – Yes is it totally free android application.
  • Should i need to use? – If you are using public network many times then you have to use it for improve your security.
  • Is it Best VPN? – If you are looking for free service then you can use it or try some other best alternatives which is also offers you free services.
  • How can i Download? – You can see tutorial in upper side
  • How can i Install? – You can see tutorial in upper side


If you want to increase you web security then defiantly you should use Strange VPN Host APK to get best security while you are use such public free internet network.

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