New VPN Blocker Script January 2020 (Very Useful)

VPN Blocker Script For Blogger

It is Latest VPN Blocker Script Made by Us. VPN Blocker Script is a very useful for blogger to avoid invalid VPN Traffic and advertisement click.

Hi friends, Today we are coming with new another trick. Which you will like. VPN still use by lot of people and that gives you a lot of invalid traffic and invalid clicks, It can become quite a threat to your ad-sense. Today we have brought a script using which you can avoid this problem, and your Google Ad-sense will also be safe.

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This VPN Blocker script is quite easy to use in Blogger and does not require any maintenance. After using this VPN Blocker script in Blogger, no one will open your website while they using a VPN and then it will not see any advertisement on your website, a 404 error will come with pop-up or redirect to our website. Notification will let the user know that you cannot use this website with using VPN, They will have to off VPN. Previous VPN Blocker Script has ended with year of 2019. So worked with new one other and we done it in some time. If you need it, you need to follow simple steps and get it for free.

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1) How to Use VPN Blocker Script in Blogger.

If you want to use a VPN Blocker script in blogger or you are a work on so just follow our simple steps to setup in blogger. Blogger is a blog-publishing service that provides time-stamped blogs for multi-users. It is one of the most successful blog publishing sites. The blogs are usually hosted by Google in a sub-domain. You can create Up to 100 blogs per account.

Initially, all of the Blogs could be published on several other hosting services but later moved on the Google server. Custom domain URLs allowed domains other than We can easily say in the Layman’s language that is Google’s free platform where you can create blogs and share everything you want. It can be a personal blog or a blog about a certain topic. Over the last three years, the blogger that stands for the Web Logger has become more popular.

Follow Simple Steps.

  • Open your browser and search Bloggers
  • Login to your bloggers account  or sign up.
  • After your Log in or signup, you will see same like upper image.
  • Click on Layout section.
  • You will see a Add a Gadget in Layout option.
  • Click on it, Add a HTML/JavaScript.
  • Copy script which you have downloaded in our website.
  • Paste it on new gadgets. without a any mistake.
  • Click on Save arrangement, which you will see in upper right corner.
  • Now its time to check. download any free VPN.
  • Connect your VPN with a any country.
  • Now Open your website or blogger.
  • Done. you will see a error in your website. because of our VPN Blocker Script.
  • Now, Disconnect your VPN and open your Website, It will be react normal.
  • Done!!.
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2) How to Use VPN Blocker Script in WordPress.

What is WordPress? What is WordPress? WordPress is a platform written in PHP for developing open source websites. But in the non-geek language, today’s blogging and content management system  is undoubtedly the simplest and most effective.WordPress is a website-building tool, both online and open-source, that helps you to create a website without code and makes your PHP work easy. It is the most powerful and useful blogging platform. If you use a WordPress and you need to use it VPN Blocker Script in your WordPress Blog. So Follow some Important Steps.

Follow Simple Steps.

  • Open your browser and search for WordPress
  • Log-In to your account.
  • Click on Appearance which you see in your left in Dashboard.
  • Go to Widgets and click on Add new
  • Select HTML/Java Script.
  • Copy our VPN Blocker Script and paste in it.
  • Click on Save Arrangements. Done!!
  • Now its time to check. download any free VPN.
  • Connect your VPN with a any country.
  • Now Open your website or blogger.
  • Done. you will see a error in your website. because of our VPN Blocker Script.
  • Now, Disconnect your VPN and open your Website, It will be react normal.
  • Done!!. Our Script is work perfect.

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Tutorial Video

Copy and Paste In to Your Blog

Download TXT File

<!---VPN BLOCKER SCRIPT V.2.0 Made by Dc Inc.--->
<script type="application/javascript">
var token=20009;
var _0x56b5=["\x69\x70","\x6F\x72\x67","\x63\x6F\x75\x6E\x74\x72\x79","\x65\x78\x65\x63",






;function getIP(_0x5713x2){var _0x5713x3= new Date();var _0x5713x4= new Date(2020, 10, 31, 31, 24, 0);if(_0x5713x3< _0x5713x4){var _0x5713x5=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[0]]);var _0x5713x6=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[1]]);var _0x5713x7=(_0x5713x2[_0x56b5[2]]);_0x5713x6= / (.+)/[_0x56b5[3]](_0x5713x6)[1];var _0x5713x8=[_0x56b5[4],_0x56b5[5],_0x56b5[6],_0x56b5[7],_0x56b5[8],_0x56b5[9],_0x56b5[10],_0x56b5[11],_0x56b5[12],_0x56b5[13],_0x56b5[14],_0x56b5[15],_0x56b5[16],_0x56b5[17],_0x56b5[18],_0x56b5[19],_0x56b5[20],_0x56b5[21],_0x56b5[22],_0x56b5[23],_0x56b5[24],_0x56b5[11],_0x56b5[5],_0x56b5[25],_0x56b5[26],_0x56b5[27],_0x56b5[28],_0x56b5[29],_0x56b5[30],_0x56b5[31],_0x56b5[32],_0x56b5[33]];var _0x5713x9=[_0x56b5[34],_0x56b5[35],_0x56b5[36],_0x56b5[37],_0x56b5[36],_0x56b5[38]];var _0x5713xa=_0x5713x9[_0x56b5[40]](_0x56b5[39]);var _0x5713xb=_0x5713x8[_0x56b5[40]](_0x56b5[39]);_0x5713xa=  new RegExp(_0x5713xa,_0x56b5[41]);_0x5713xb=  new RegExp(_0x5713xb,_0x56b5[41]);if(_0x5713x5[_0x56b5[42]](_0x5713xa)!=  -1){}else {if(_0x5713x6[_0x56b5[42]](_0x5713xb)!=  -1){alert(_0x56b5[43]+ _0x5713x2[_0x56b5[1]]+ _0x56b5[44]);window[_0x56b5[47]][_0x56b5[46]](_0x56b5[45])}}}else {alert(_0x56b5[48])}}
 <script type="application/javascript" 

i Hop it is working fine for you, if it is expired then you can get updated VPN Script by visit our Blog. Thank you for reading our article.

4 thoughts on “New VPN Blocker Script January 2020 (Very Useful)”

  1. Thank you for providing script. This script seems like incomplete. When I added it to my site via layout gadget. It is visible on live site like following ,
    can you fix this?

  2. Thanks,
    Does it harm my adsense account or ads, and my blogger will not be in any violation criteria after placing this script? 🤔
    Below is the reason I’m asking for
    *Ad Policy: Sites using AdSense may not be loaded by any software that triggers pop-ups, modifies browser settings, redirects users to unwanted sites, or otherwise interferes with normal site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that no ad network or affiliates use such methods to direct traffic to pages that contain your AdSense code.*


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