5 Amazing Method to Make Bootable USB Drive Easily.

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Now, we can less use a CD or a DVD drive because we have a USB pendrive ad other flash storage device and they all are are easy to use and it’s life is more then a CD, DVD or a floppy drive. But we are use DVD at a one time while we format our PC or Laptop ad install a fresh windows operating system. What can they do who have a NO CD or a DVD drive in his desktop or laptop. So i have solution for this problem. Why we not use a this method for install a new windows or a Linux operating system.

5 Method to Make Bootable USB Drive Easily.

When a fresh Windows update is needed, booting disk is necessary. This pendrive is a disk containing special computer files to boot or start a program or utility. In this situation, we need a Bootable USB pendrive to continue Windows 10 installation process in order to install a Windows 10 operating system.When upgrading from older operating systems such as Windows 7 to Windows 10, Bootable disk is required. However, we have to create a Bootable USB pendrive  if we downloaded an ISO file to install it on another computer.

Download Windows ISO Files – Click Hear.

Method 1 – Use CMD To Make It.

How to make it pendrive is a most important question. To install Windows Server Essentials, Don’t worry You can build it easily without any trouble. The first step is to prepare the USB flash drive by using a command-line tool called Disk Part. See Disk Part Command-Line Options for information about Disk Part. It is not a easy to normal windows user but that method does not required a any third parties software but it is hard method. If you did not any idea about CMD, so try other method. Don’t try it and take a risk with your important your data.

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How to Use Command Prompt to make it.

  • Insert a USD Drive into your computer or a Laptop.
  • Ope CMD. If you don’t know how to open CMD, Click on windows icon which you see in wes south corner and search CMD. or a Open Run menu and type CMD and hit enter it will be automatic open.
  • Type in a CMD – diskpart
  • When you hit a enter new CMD will open and type a list disk and hit enter, there you can see your all type of inserted disk storage device of your computer. also you ca see there your USB pendrive.
  • Now you need to type select disk X, Where X is your disk name you need replace with your original disk name.
  • Type clean and hit enter. That command will be erase your all data on your USB Pendrive so choose carefully.
  •  Then Type create partition primary and press enter to make a USB Pendrive as a your primary partition.
  •  Now select partition which you just created and type select partition 1 and hit enter.
  • Next. Type format fs=ntfs quick to format your USB Drive ( keep in mind backup your all Data of your USB Pendrive Before you do it process ).
  • Type active ad hit enter to make partition active.
  • Now copy your all windows installation data to your USB Drive.
  • Then your Pendrive become a  Bootable USB Pendrive which you can use for install windows in any laptop or desktop.

Method 2 – Use Rufus (Best Method, Prefer By millions of Pople)

This is a very easy and our recommended method to make a USB Bootable Flash drive and also i have used it from many time before. If you feel got trouble with Microsoft windows media creation too so you can use it definitely. it is our trusted app which is a easy and safe to use.

  • Download Rufus from official website- Download
  • After your download has completed install and open it.
  • Open Rufus and you need to plug-in your pendrive.
  • Now Select your USB drive. Choose your Target system types which you can see in upper image.
  • Select ISO file which do you have and which you can install on PC or Laptop.
  • Click o Start Button ad it will ask you to erase your pendrive, So click on yes.
  • Then process will be start automatically and you will get a notification when it finished.
  • Done!! . Your Pendrive become a Bootable USB Pendrive, Plug in any PC or Laptop and easily install a new windows.

Rufus is a very useful tool for make a bootable USB pendrive and also it is a easy and best ways to our preference.

Method 3 – Use Media Creation Tool (Official by Microsoft)

If you want to make a Bootable USB via official way so that is perfect and easy way. Media creation tools provided by Microsoft also online ISO download available. Media creation Tools is free to use for everyone. You don,t need to pay money.

  • It is a very simple and easy to make a USB Bootable Pendrive but it necessary internet connection and it will download windows by it self.
  • Microsoft windows media creation tool –Dowload
  • Install or Open tools and select Create a installation media fro another computer.
  • Click on next but don’t click on Upgrade this PC now. Now you can select which do you need ISO or USB Flash Drive, So you need to select USB Flash drive then enter on next. Keep in mind, it required a 8 GB of disk space and backup your pendrive data because it will completely erase your pendrive. We recommended always use minimum 16 GB Pendrive to make a  Bootable USB drive.
  • Process will be automatically start and you will get a notification when it finished.
  • Done !!
  • Your Pendrive become a Bootable USB Pendrive, Plug in any PC or Laptop and easily install a new windows.

Method 4 – Use WinUsb maker.

This is another third parties app using which you can easily make a Bootable USB Drive. It is a fourth option to make it, but i think it is not worked perfectly on windows 10, so you can use this method as last option. But also it method has a one benefit. It is available in a portable mode, so you don’t need to install any software in to your PC or laptop. i have use it many times but on a Windows 8 and windows 8.1. working perfect on it. You can try it for windows 10 but we are not responsible for any damage of your laptop or PC, So use carefully.

  •  Download it via Official website of WinUsb Maker – Download
  • It does not required to install because it is available on portable mode. Open WinUsb Maker and you can see as like below image.
  • Plug in you pendrive which you can convert in to Bootable Drive.
  • Select your Pendrive in to Compatible Devices section. Click on refresh button if you not see your pendrive in WinUSB maker.
  • Now Click on second menu as you can see it on left panel.
  • Select a ” i want  to work with my ISO file”. Then select which windows operating system do you have and hit enter. process will be start automatically.
  • Be patient, Because it will take around 8 to 10 minutes to complete your work and also you will get a notification when it finished.
  • Done!!
  • Your Pendrive become a Bootable USB Pendrive,.
  • Plug in any PC or Laptop and easily install a new windows.

Method 5 – Unetbootin

UNetbootin is the Universal Netboot Installer that allows you to create bootable USB drives without burning any CD, for both Windows, MacOS and Linux distributions. Alternatively, if you already have one version, or if the release you want isn’t on the list, you can have UNetbootin import one of the many software bundles available out – of-the-box for you or provide your own Windows or Linux iso file.

  • Download Unetbootin – Click Hear.
  • It Available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux. Select your OS and Download It.
  • Un zip file and open Unetbootin.
  • You can see similar interface which is in bellow image.
  • Click on Distribution check box.
  • Now select your operating system which you want to make Boot Flash for your PC or Laptop.
  • Click on second tab and select version of your operating system ISO.
  • Select Disk image ISO or Database which you already have.
  • Now select your Pendrive as a destination drive.
  • Hit OK button But Keep your Pedrive backup before you start this process.
  • It will take some time to done it.
  • Your Pendrive ready
  • Plug in any PC or Laptop and easily install a new windows.

Final Words

We have listed top 5 method of how make Bootable USB Pedrive or flash drive. Some tools is official and some of this third parties app. Make sure which is more suitable and reliable for you and must read complete process steps and privacy policy to use. This is selected by our overall experience but you go for another best. If you like it, subscribe our newsletters program and connect us with social media to get instant latest updates.

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