2 Flash APK Download. Easy Way To Control Front and Back Flashlight 2023

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Using 2 Flash APK, How to Control Front and Back Flashlight Easily in your Android

Hello guys, Today we are coming up with another trick – how to Control Front and Back Flashlight Easily. Many Smartphones come with a dual flashlight front and back and if you use a stock Android you have no apps to control your Front and Back Flashlight. Download 2 Flash APK to easily control the Front and Back Flashlights of any Android.

However, most smartphones come with inbuilt flash light settings in a navigation bar but you can control only the back flash. What can you do if you need to turn on and off the front flashlight? So you have many choices to control your front and back flashlight. 2 Flash Apk is one of the best APKs which you allow to easily control your Front and Back Flashlight in one click.

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How to Download and Use 2 Flash APK


Many apps are available in Google Play Store to control both flashes but 2 Flash comes with some unique features. Also, some other useful apps describe below are useful to control Front and Back flashlights.

2 Flash is easy to use and very small in size so that is the most important feature of this app. The app size of 2 Flash is only around 500 Kb. Many useful for some Devices like Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J7, Honor 7 Octa Core, Sony Xperia, Asus zen phone max pro m1, Asus zen phone max pro m2, Asus ZenFone Selfie, Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy J2 2019, Take many advantages with using a 2 Flash app.

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2 Flash Apk Features

  • First of all, it is free to use no need to pay.
  • 2 Flash APK is reliable and easy to use.
  • It saves space on your phone because its size is only around 500 KB.
  • No paid version so No in-app purchase is required.
  • One click to easily control the Front and Back flashlights of your smartphone.
  • Compatible with all smartphones and all Android versions.
  • No lag issue was found.
  • Very useful to make a video call in low-light situations.
  • Easily work with all third parties cameras, selfies, and video calling apps.

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Download 2 Flash Apk

The download link is provided below. This is a google drive link, so safe and secure don’t worry about a virus and other issues. Easy to download 2 flash apk. Click below link, and it will redirect to the Google drive ad click on download or you can save it into your drive easily.

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Click here to Download 2 Flash Apk

Specifications and Requirement

  • Required Android OS –  Android version 4.4 and Above
  • App Size- Around 500 KB.
  • Last Update- Dec 2019.
  • Downloads- 500K plus.
  • App Version- 5.1.
  • Availability- Free of Cost.
  • Root Access-  No need to access root in android smartphones.

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How to Download and Install

  • This is a mod app, which is not available in the google Play Store. So you can download it with our mirror link. (it is Mediafire Link with resume-able download, It is the most trusted and safe cloud storage platform all over the world).
  • Recommended Browser – Chrome Browser, opera Browser, and UC Browser.
  • Download File From the above Download link on your android smartphone.
  • Open the root Directory and find Downloaded File.
  • Open the Downloaded file and install it.
  • You need to enable an unknown source. (Follow Steps)
  • Click on install
How to Download And Install
How to Download And Install
  • Open the settings of your android smartphone.
  • Click on Additional Settings. Go to the Privacy tab.
  • Click on Unknown sources Enable.
  • You can install it easily to follow these steps.
  • Done. Enjoy !!

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Other Useful App to Control Front and Back Flashlight.

Front and Back Flashlight Apk.


Front and Back Flashlight Apk is another option to control your both Flashlights. It is also free and easy to use. Some lag issues and bugs are found in the app but that is not affected by a normal user. Sometimes it will be shown a popup to force close. I hope the developer will solve the issue soon.

It is available free to download in the Google Play store, Link is given below you can easily download it. Working fine and support major devices ad android versions.

Supported Devices – Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J7, Honor 7 Octa Core, Sony Xperia, Asus zen phone max pro m1, Asus zen phone max pro m2, Asus ZenFone Selfie, Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy J2 2019 and many more devices which have a Dual LED Front and Back flashlight.

Download Findtricks

Front and Back Flashlight Alternatives Apk.


This android app allows you to merge or independently the front and rear flash of your screen. It has a very simple interface and a small size for anybody on any computer to use quickly. It is the same features as the other app nothing different but we found fewer bugs and lag issues compared to the same feature app, so also you ca try it.

Supported Devices – Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy J7, Honor 7 Octa Core, Sony Xperia, Asus zen phone max pro m1, Asus zen phone max pro m2, Asus ZenFone Selfie, Samsung Galaxy J7 Dual, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy J2 2019 and many more.

Download Findtricks

Top 10 Alternatives of 2 Flash APK List

1 Front and Back Flashlight 1.9 Mb
2Front and Back Flash control 500 Kb
3Dual Torch2.3 Mb
4Flash Light3.1 Mb
5Dual Flash5.5 Mb
6Selfie Flashlight1.9 Mb
7Front/Rear Flash1.4 Mb
8DualTorch758 Kb
9Front and Back Flashlight Light 0.9 Mb
10D’Light1 Mb

You can see a table here. This is the best top 10 alternative android app apps to control your flashlight. which is selected by the top users and its rating is higher than the other android app. you can see above complete descriptive information of the top 3 android flash control, if you are not satisfied with this, then you can also try these 10 apps. they all worked the same but each has some specials and extra features.

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with this information. You will get the solution for what you were looking for. However, if you have any questions, you can comment in the comment section. We will try to answer your question quickly as possible or you can also mail us. You can find our mail id on the contact us page.


  1. Need to spend money on it? – I think this is a normal Android app for which you do not need to spend money or buy a pro version android app.
  2. Which is best? – We have been given a list of all the apps above. There is some advantages to everything, there is some disadvantages. Not all features are useful for every one. So you have to choose which app is good for you.
  3. Is it comes with a Bug? – We have tried as much as we can to find the bug, but we did not find a major bug problem. Even if it has, the developers always try to fix bugs in upcoming updates. So don’t worry about it.
  4. App Size is matter? – I don’t think so the size of the android app matter so much for controlling your phone and both flashlights. Because this work is done by coding. If the size of the Android app is larger then you will get good graphics in it and If the size of the Android app is small, then you will get a simple interface.

Safe Platform To Download Android App

Cybercrime in rapid development has endangered our lives in millions of ways. Especially when our lives revolve around smart devices. Currently, more than 5 billion smartphones are used in the world. The same person is using more than one smartphone and smart device. If I don’t wrong, the beginning of your day starts with mobile. Am I right?

Smart devices are very useful in our lives. Nowadays, most of our work is completed by them. Apart from being useful, technology is also proving to be a threat to us. I will give you the same advice that you should not make any mistakes in using it. So that you never face any problem.

Viruses can also come on your phone through the Android app. You have a lot of private files on your phone and also your banking information. Do not download any Android app from anywhere and use the secure platform. Google Play Store is a secure platform. You can easily download any app from it.

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I hope you can find it article useful 2 Flash apk is very useful to control a flashlight and android smartphone has front and back flashlight. If you did not link it application then you can try another app that is on our top alternatives list.

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