10 Android tricks you need know now.

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Some Android tricks you need to know now.

Cast your phone screen into your TV. (Android Tricks)

All you need to share with your television what’s on your phone’s screen is a Chromecast or a TV set up to work with Android devices and you can see what’s on your screen. If you want to share photos or videos with someone else on your phone, watch YouTube without having to use an internal app, or even play your favorite mobile games on a bigger screen, this is useful.

Go to the menu of Quick Settings and select Cast. Your phone will pop up the set-up Chromecast or your selection of television (if it’s a smart television) and you can begin casting. Setting up is very easy and fast.

Encrypt your Android’s data. (Android Tricks)

Keeping your data safe is always a good idea, even if you don’t house a lot of personal information on your phone. In fact, you can manually allow encryption on your phone, making it unreadable without a PIN or password to decrypt it by outside parties. Turning on is very easy: go to Settings, then Security, then select the option Encrypt Phone.

It may take a while to allow if your phone was not earlier encrypted, and if you’re running an elderly version of Android, it could possibly cause your phone to slow down, but it’s an invaluable move to take if you want to safeguard stuff on your phone already.

Some tips to boost your mobile experience. (Android Tricks)

Even if you know Android well, it’s simple to ignore some of the many tips and tricks that can improve your experience. Some of these tips are disappointingly easy, but they will make your Android experience more pleasant and easier.

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How to Clear your default apps. (Android Tricks)

Sometimes, when you wanted to load it in the browser, you’ll open a link that prompts the corresponding app to load, like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. You can clear the default app listing and keep it from happening in a very simple way so you can continue browsing without having to switch off apps when first you didn’t mean to.

Go to Settings, then Apps, and search for the app to prevent opening. Upon location, find Open By Default and choose Clear Defaults. No more cumbersome loading of app!

Install Linux on your Android. (Android Tricks)

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You might be amazed to understand that opening the Linux interface and prompt for commands on your Android phone is literally feasible. Now, installing a Linux on Android has always been a tedious job and often involves root, but here, without root or unique understanding and abilities, we have a way to do that.

You can install Debian Distribution Debian on your Android phone to do some utilitarian stuff by using the Debian No root app. It is basically a Linux-based operating system that enables the user to install and use LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open-source software via APT (Advanced Package Tool).

To do this, you just need to install the PlayStore Debian No root app, open it like any other application, and enable it to download the full install package. Once fully loaded, a mouse-oriented desktop interface will welcome you where you can download and install some programs or games just like any other Linux variant. Nonetheless, if you’re bored with your Android, there are endless opportunities to explore.

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