Latest Free Trick to Jailbreak Xbox X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 in 2023

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Hello Readers, Today you will get another latest tricks that help you with all models of Jailbreak Xbox one and Xbox 360. If you want to play free games on your Microsoft gaming console then you have to jailbreak your console.

This is one of the best gaming consoles which allows you to play all the most popular High Definition Games with different types of video resolution without any powerful computer or laptop.

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If you go to buy a computer that has powerful hardware like a high-end CPU, GPU, RAM, and Hard Drive, then you probably have to spend a lot more money. But if you especially looking only for games then a gaming console may be a good option for you like the Sony Play Station series and Microsoft Xbox gaming console.

Its price is also much cheaper than a gaming computer or laptop, so you probably won’t have to spend much money and you can do regular live streaming on Facebook and YouTube by Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox X, and many more console models. I know some old models do not support live streaming but every tech gadgets have some limitation.

I think if you only want to play games then you will be better off with a gaming console from a computer because you do not have to spend too much on it and you can play all your favorite games easily without any interruptions.


But not all games are free whether it is a computer or gaming console. If you want to play a new popular game then you have to spend extra. And all consoles have their own games download platform where you can buy games.

But you will have to spend money, what is the solution so that you can also play all your favorite games and you do not have to spend money? Don’t worry, I have a trick with which you can do this thing.

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You have to jailbreak the Xbox gaming console so that you can play any game for free and you do not need to spend any money. This trick has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. This is very important for you to watch, so you should not forget to read it below.

When did you first hear the term jailbreak and what related to whom? You must have heard this thing related to Sony Play station. If you want to play free games on the Sony Play station Gaming console then you must jailbreak it.

This method proved to be very effective in the Sony Play station Gaming Console and is equally effective today. I have also tried this method and when does it really happen? So all the developers also found this way for Microsoft Gaming Console.

I don’t have an Xbox gaming console and to be honest, I have no idea about this trick and how it will work. I discovered this trick with my friend, who said that this method is working. So you can try this trick, but really I do not know if it will work for you or not. I’m sorry for this.

One way you will see it below, is if you want, you can try it. If you tell me the truth, this is the only way you can jailbreak your gaming console. If you search in the internet, you will find all the methods, but I have tried all. No other method works.

If the method given below does not work for you, then my one true advice for you is, do not to waste your time by searching related to it on the internet. There is no other way for you, if we find a new way to jailbreak the Xbox console, we will update it here.

How to Jailbreak Xbox X and 360, Would it be right to do this?


Jtag is the only way to jailbreak Xbox (old console). Microsoft has installed special security in all its gaming consoles so that your privacy is never leaked. But I tried this method by trying on some old gaming console and it was also working.

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If you have the latest version of the Xbox gaming console then it might not work for you. But defiantly it works on old first and second-generation Microsoft Xbox gaming consoles. You can try it in your new console, the trick may work for you. If this does not work, then your gaming console will not deteriorate. Still, you can try it at your risk, we are not responsible for anything.

How to Use J- TAG Trick for Jailbreak Xbox


as you know this is the only way to jailbreak Xbox, you have no other option, and don’t waste your time finding another working method in google if it does not work for you.

Here are some details and tutorials related to it, which you have to follow without making any mistakes. If you do not do all these steps correctly then it will not work, and you will have to do all steps again.

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The original Xbox ROM was converted to a custom ROM by JTAG software like Sony play station jailbreak. You can import and play any popular paid games without wasting money after jailbreaking Xbox.

JTAG is a simple method and it is not the legal way but you will not ban by Microsoft’s secure server. Download and enjoy your games on the Xbox screen. JTAG also has the ability to play without a disc slot. It functions with both Xbox one and Xbox X (old). It’s a fast and quick route, we suggest you try it once.

  • You have to download J TAG custom ROM by visiting the official website- Click here to visit the official website of J TAG.
  • You will get a RAR file, you have to extract it with WinRAR or Win Zip. Click here to download Winrar, If you already have this software, then ignore it (Compulsory you have to extract it because Xbox OS doesn’t recognize such an extension).
  • Attached FAT 32 USB Drive with your computer.
  • Now create a folder with a specific name- XBOX.
  • Create another folder in XBOX, which is named XMOD.
  • You have to copy the downloaded extract file into XMOD.
  • Copy the main XBOX folder into your FAT 32 USB Drive.
  • Now you have to on your Microsoft Xbox gaming console.
  • Wait until the perfect boot.
  • Insert your FAT 32 USB Drive into the Microsoft gaming console.
  • If your console did not detect USB then make sure you have FAT 32 USB Drive (If it is not FAT 32 then you can make it by formatting option in windows).
  • Open the main navigation menu.
  • Find the option of system update then click on it. Search for a new system updates.
  • You will get a notification of the new J TAG OS to update within split seconds.
  • Click on it and complete some privacy policy and dulcimers acceptance.
  • Now you can see, that your console updates process has been started.
  • May it will take more than 10 minutes, so please be patient.
  • You will get a successful OS update notification or POP UP when your process will be completed.
  • Microsoft Console will automatically restart when all process will complete.
  • If it did not start automatically, push the power button.
  • Done! You will get a new OS into your Xbox and now you can play any downloaded games.


  • J TAG files
  • USB Drive with a minimum of 1 GB or 500 MB free space
  • Must convert USB Drive to FAT 32 formation
  • Internet connection to download the required file.

Video Tutorial

Let’s See some other Detail About Microsoft Xbox Console

What is Microsoft Xbox

Xbox is a Microsoft-owned game development company. It represents a series of Microsoft-built video game systems, each with three consoles in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations. The company also forwards state, streaming services, an Xbox Live online platform, and the Xbox Game Studios innovation arm. The product was introduced only with the initial Xbox console in the USA in November 2001.

After Atari Jaguar interrupted its sales in 1996, the original device was the first video game console provided to a USA company. Since May 2006, it has sold more than 24 million units. The Xbox 360 has been launched in 2005 and sold around 85 million units from 2013-2014 as the second device for Microsoft. The Xbox One was launched in a total of 21 countries and released in China in September 2014. The president of Xbox was Phil Spencer, the late March 2015 heir to Marc Whitten.

Console Generation

As you know, it was first released in 2001 in the United States. Its regularly updated version has always been launched. Microsoft has distributed it according to generation. Let’s see how many generations it has

  1. Generation 1 – launched in 2001 and 2002
  2. Generation 2 – launched in 2005 and 2006
  3. Generation 3 – launched in 2013, 2014 and 2017
  4. Generation 4 – launched in 2020

Specifications of the Latest Generation

Here you are given some features of this gaming console so that you will get more information about it. Keep in mind that this is the feature of the third generation latest gaming console that you do not see in all consoles.

Price500$ in the USA
Release Date7 Nov 2014
Sold Units 40 Million Plus
DVD Drive SupportYES
VR Support YES
CPUAMD Customized 3.2 GHz second generation
GPUAMD RDNA Custom GPU Unit (On Board)
Hard DriveVary with models (1 TB)
Video outputHDMI Only
Max Video Resolution4K MAX
Video SupportAll Major Codec
OSXbox Operating System

Recently, Microsoft sought to exploit “Xbox” products beyond the gaming console but as an overall digital gaming platform, which was reflected in Microsoft Studios’ renaming as Xbox Software Development in 2019. Phil Spencer announced in June 2019, “There’s no way to cross-emphasize the console machine technology and highlight the software, apps, and resources of players for Microsoft,” which is how many people enjoy the games they purchase and how they enjoy.

Ross subsequently said in Feb 2020 that going future, the firm would not deem “classical gaming firms” like Nintendo and Sony to be its rivals but those that have cloud platforms like Amazon and Google. Ross finds that Microsoft Azure is a vital part of its plans for the future.

Ross also highlighted smartphone games as a possible field, and Microsoft should make this a favored way of gameplay as it seeks to place itself with its facilities. Ross said, “As I explained how Microsoft strategist XBOX for the world, it doesn’t mean it’s so much” firmware agnostic “that it’s” where you’d like to run.

Pros of Jailbreak Xbox

  • You can get many new things in custom OS
  • You can Play your downloaded games for free
  • Don’t need to spend money on games
  • Free to play any popular paid games
  • Minimum chance to got a ban
  • Simple method
  • Perfect works on old generation console

Cons of Jailbreak Xbox

  • Maybe not work on the latest generation console
  • Your OS will be converted in Custom OS JATG (Some people don’t like custom OS)
  • Maybe you will lose your warranty
  • Maybe some official Microsoft services do not work proper


  • Will it work on all consoles? – I have tried in this old console, but it may not work in the latest generation. You can try.
  • Is it free? – This trick is absolutely free, anyone can use it anytime free.
  • Can the OS be corrupt? – I tried I did not face any problem, but if your OS is corrupt then you can install the official OS again.
  • What if it doesn’t work? – May does not work in the latest generation, then you do not have any other option, do not waste your precious time in finding other methods because there is no other method.


You can try jailbreak Xbox tricks at your own risk. Here we only provide the working trick, but if something goes wrong with you, we will not be responsible.


This is the only way to jailbreak Xbox, Xbox X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. If it does not work on your gaming console, then you will have no other option. You will have to play the games by purchase. If we find any other way, we will update it immediately on this page, you can bookmark this page and check it regularly.

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