How One Can Use Spin in 8 Ball Pool? 

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Spin in 8 Ball Pool is when you use a cue stick to place the object ball in a certain direction. It requires a lot of practice and skills to apply spin to the cue ball correctly. When you apply spin to the cue ball, you get hold of it when it strikes the object ball. This way, you can control the final position and be able to play the next shot. Below we will discuss the three basic types of spin and how you can use them while playing the 8 Ball Pool hack 2023.

Types of Spin in 8 ball pool

There are three main types of spin in 8 Ball Pool Game.

Top Spin

When you have the cue tip above the cue ball’s center spot, you will generate the Top Spin. The amount of top spin applied depends upon the strike on the ball. Top spin in 8 Ball Pool is also known as ‘follow’ because the cue ball will follow through when you strike the object ball. You can use this spin by applying a more forward spin with a straight shot. That straight shot causes the cue ball to travel further in the direction. Top spin is a useful shot for exhibition events, especially when you have full command over it. Moreover, you can also use top spin if the cue ball accidentally rests behind a ball, preventing you from taking a clear shot onto your next object ball.

  • When you strike the cue ball at 12 o’clock, meaning at the center, you can use topspin to move the cue ball.

Bottom Spin

If you strike the cue ball below the center point in the opposite direction to the top spin, it will generate a bottom spin. You need to strike the ball with very low energy to generate the bottom spin. The shot you generate with bottom spin is known as screw or draw because you are drawing the ball away from its original settling point. You can also create a stunning shot in which the ball will immediately stop after striking the object ball only by striking the cue ball with correct and enough bottom. Therefore, when the cue ball strikes the object ball or cushion-like object, a perfect bottom spin will generate depending on the angle of departure.

  • If you strike the cue ball at 6 o’clock, you will generate a bottom spin that you can use to move the cue ball in a certain direction.

Side Spin

Side spin affects the angle of departure between the cue ball and the object ball you choose when the shot has been played. The shot you make is called ‘English’ in some countries, while it is called left or right spin in others. You can use this type of spin in 8 Ball Pool game when you strike the cue ball to the left or right of the center spot, depending on the spin you apply. Side spin is used for positional shots.

  • Striking the ball at 3 and 9 o’clock will give you the side spin you can use to move the ball in any direction.


Spin in 8 Ball Pool hack is the idea of moving the ball in any direction. You can generate three types of spin by striking the ball at a specific site. The spin you generate will help move the object ball in your desired direction. Above, we have discussed in detail the different types of spin and various ways you can use these spins according to your wish.

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