How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card || 2023 Latest Tricks

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What is Virtual Credit Card

The virtual credit card has a virtual credit card number that is usually used for online purchases and often for single-use transactions. No physical card is connected with virtual credit card numbers and can not be used as a result of internal transactions. Rather, funds must be deposited before use in a VCN account, unlike the numbers created by online credit card credit numbers.

Online Virtual credit card providers, banks, and some Visa and MasterCard partners can purchase Virtual credit card unique Numbers. Digital Virtual credit card number Providers are sometimes paid for the cost of obtaining and handling VCNs for purchases by banks, credit card companies, and/or credit networks.

Versatility, the fact that you are fully online giving the customer more versatility with a virtual debit card. You can create these cards for all online bank accounts, often without any limitation on the amount that you can load into them, and you can use any supported currency to charge your card with the option to buy a bitcoin virtual debit card.

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How to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card ( Without any Annual Charges )

In 2023, Many android ad I-os apps available, and you provide a free virtual credit card. We can try to mention all app below which is best for you. Also, you can select which is more suitable for you. All apps are different and have many useful features.

1- Pockets Wallet By ICICI Bank.

It’s a VISA-fulled Email wallet, which customers of any banking company are allowed to use to reload mobile phones, send money, buy everywhere, make paying bills, and many more. The Pockets app can be downloaded and your wallet built automatically. You go back in your pocket wherever you go. Fund it with any credit card or Internet banking and readily usable. You can transfer money to bank accounts or mobile numbers, and you can even tap and pay your friends with Pockets e-wallet. Packets bank e-wallet.

You can also ask friends for money. You’ll have so much more to do with your pockets–recharge your mobile balance, book film tickets, pay bills, gift / e-gifts, and split costs with friends. You can easily install it on your smartphone and make your own virtual credit card for free.


2- Paytm App.

You are endowed with a RuPay Digital Debit Card and Paytm Payments Bank Savings account. You can use your free Digital RuPay debit card across multiple online websites and apps in India.

Get free insurance for up to 2 lakhs in the event of death or lifelong complete disability under the terms and conditions, such as discounts and cashback through large numbers of retailers, and you can use your Paytm Digital RuPay Card at all major online merchants. You only have to pay via a debit card during any online transaction.

Your Card Detail can Easily be shown by Following Some Steps.

  • Open Paytm App, Tap on the bank Account which you can see on the upper blue side.
  • Click on Passbook. Where you can see your RuPay Card.
  • Click on your card option Detail and Enter your 4-digit passcode.
  • Now, You can see all detail of your card.


3- U Wallet

U-Wallet is one of the safest and most rewarding methods for transactions without cash. Activate conveniently from the U-Wallet your Prepayment RBL Bank RuPay Platinum card. Pay for smartphone recharges, call charges, DTH, power, water, gas, cable, or buy gift vouchers, to send money to any wallet in U-Wallet or bank account. QR code to pay at participating distributor stores. Check Bharat. For every fuel pump, or any dealer you want to shop for all your needs, use your RBL Bank RuPay Platinum Card. We ensure that your money always is secure, and when you need it through the App you can turn your Platinum Card on / off. You can also set the desired spending cap.


4 – Dhani Pay

Dhani pay provide a virtual credit card by RuPay and It is also connected with a U wallet, so it is the same as u Wallet and same features they have. Fill up some important detail correctly and get your virtual card within 10 minutes.


5 – Slonkit

Slonkit does not offer a virtual card, but instead a physical card, I’m still keeping it here because it is a nice offering. Slonkit is targeted at parents having young children. It offers a free prepaid Visa Credit Card which is re-loadable by using the Slonkit app. The idea is to teach money management to youngsters. The app offers mobile recharges, tracking of spending (card transactions), and the creation of budgets for money-saving. The app also bundles a range of offers from various merchants. But now this service not available i hope they are coming with new features ad benefits.

6 – HDFC Netsafe

HDFC Bank also comes with there new feature it called a NetSafe which you allow to genrate Your own Virtual credit card number. it can be use anywhere that you want.One of the most important concerns when shopping online is that you disclose information about your credit card or debit card on commercial websites. NetSafe addresses this concern by generating your credit or debit card with a unique virtual card number that you can use rather than your true online number.

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5 – Bajaj Finserve

Bajaj Finserve Provides a virtual credit card but only you can use it online and local shopping on installment. You can not use it for withdrawal money. It provides you with a starting 45000 Rs limit and it will be automatically increased by the rate of your usage. You cannot get that easily. you need to do some paperwork and sign some moderator documents.

Baja Finserv Mobikwik Enabled Wallet-India’s first connected Fastest Mobile Recharges and Bill Payments debit and credit wallet, No cost EMI provides LED, smartphone and other reliable apps, instant loans, online and offline transfer, and your own personal spending manager exclusively for customers from Baja Finserve!

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6 – Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet is the one-stop shop for all your payment needs, supplied by Oxigen, India’s leading payment solutions provider. Stay ready to make cashless payments with the easy ease of using Oxigen Wallet. Oxigen Wallet is a common wallet app known from time to time for exclusive cashback. A Visa Card is available for transactions on any shopping portal in India free of charge on the oxygen wallet. Oxigen Wallet and also provide a Virtual Credit Card or Prepaid Card.


7FreeCharge (Virtual Master Card )

Now with Freecharge, you can do much more. Recharge your mobile phone, pay bills, send and receive money through UPI, create BHIM UPI ID & connect a bank account for instant money transfers, invest in SIP funds, buy deals on your favorite brands beginning in the first place and pay with free charge for movies, entertainment, stores, travel, cash backs, and discounts. Get Gift Cards, Credit Cards, EMI Debit Card, Digital Credit Card, and more.

For all the world’s leading telecom companies, such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Jio & others, prepaid recharges and post-paid bill payments are available. Pay all your bills under the same roof, electricity, DTH, data cards, Fixed-band, cable, and gas. With Freecharge, you can easily top up your Mumbai Metro smart card. Get Google Play freight charging codes. You will book movie tickets, restaurant orders, train reservations, flight tickets, book hotel reservations, and buy out your heart for Freecharge. Charge cashless in over 1 unavailable domain and retailer on your preferences.


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