Full Form of OPD in Medical and Many Other, Useful Information 2023

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Full Form of OPD in Medical, Programming, and Many Other Acronyms, Also In Hindi

Hello Guys, Welcome to Our Blog. Today I have come up with another useful information about the Full Form of OPD for you. I hope it will be useful for you. You must have heard this word many times, especially when you are talking about the hospital. Either you have gone to the hospital and you must have seen such a sign board. You are reading this information that you do not know its meaning or full form. I am right?

No problem. Today you will know the meaning of this word. But this word is not used at only one place, it is also used at some other place and it means something completely different. Some people looking for different. i hope they are also will get it to answer his question. First, we talk about this word, which is the most commonly used word i.e. medical line.

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Full Form of OPD in Medical.

These words will be heard or seen by most of the medical line. Because no one would have gone to the hospital. ” OPD = Out Patient Department”. If we talk full form of OPD in Hindi “बाह्य रोगी विभाग”. The full form given above is in both Hindi and English languages. So that someone who doesn’t know English, will also get his answer.


Let us take a little information about this department of medical line. This department is always placed on the ground floor of any hospital. When you enter a hospital for the first time, at that time you take your patient to the OPD department first. This department is usually made on the ground floor of the hospital. This is divided into several departments. So that patients do not have to face much trouble.

The work of the outpatient department is to make contact between the patient and the hospital staff. This department is divided into several subdivisions according to the diseases so that the patient can be provided treatment immediately when he comes to the hospital. It should be constructed on the ground floor of the hospital as directed by the medical department. This can provide timely treatment to patients

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First of all, the patient who comes to the hospital for treatment and is serious, then he is kept in this department. The whole investigation is done there. All its reports are done. And when the disease is fully known, then it is sent to the specialist in that department. Now you must have known how important this department is and why it happens first.

Of those who are reading this article, 70% would have gotten their answer but now there will be 30% who will be looking for other answers to a question. Don’t worry, you will also get your answer below. You will see a table below, in which you will see various full forms of OPD.

Various full forms of OPD

You will see a table below, in which you will see various full forms of this. The term is also used elsewhere. But all this is much less common. So maybe you have no idea about it.

1 Optical Path Difference
2Outsourced Product Development
3Ottawa Police Department
4Official Procedure Descriptor
5Once Per Day
6Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
7Organizational and Professional Development
8Online Professional Development
9Original Pack Dispensing
10Officially Pronounced Dead

You can see various full form of the same short forms, which is mostly used in a medical line, Business Management, Programming Coding, networking, and some of those used in normal daily life. I hope you found you right answer to your question or that I missed it. comment bellow. I will update soon as possible.

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