Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2023

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Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC Emulator, Anti-Ban 2023, Free Royal Pass Season 12.

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 6
Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban.

Hello guys, Welcome to our blog Find Tricks. Today we are coming with a new Free PUBG UC Trick. I hope you like it and keep your Precious support. PUBG become very popular and trending in India and over the world today. All people liked it very much and players are also increasing in very large quantities.

Anyway, It is a free game. you already know it but it comes with an app purchase feature. If you want a new and premium gun skin, helmet skin, outfits, or royal pass you have to pay for it. In this game from which you can buy all skins, outfits, and a royal pass, called a UC. it is not a free chip. that is very expensive and may you have a spent lot of money on it.

Here I will tell you some PUBG UC tricks, you will have to spend a little less money or you will get some items for free. I will not tell you that you will get everything for free because it is not possible, you better understand.

If you are playing this game a lot, then you would know about UC, which is a lot of useful for purchasing anything in this game. In this game, you also have silver coins, but you cannot buy all the premium items using it. If we talk about the Royal Pass, then you can buy a royal pass only from UC. If you unlocked the royal pass then you will get many premium free skins and outfits.

Talking about the price of the Royal Pass, you get it in 800 and 1800 Indian Rupees. Those who have a Royal Pass have more RP than normal players and their name is also on the plane. I think you know about it. Let’s see how you can get it cheaper if you have to buy it.

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Latest Free PUBG UC Tricks

Here we are going to tell you some tricks which will help you a lot. The description is given in all tricks, so read it completely. This all Tricks are genuine and safe. Using this your game account will not suspend, blocked, or banned. So don’t worry about it.

Get Great Discounts on Google Play Store

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 2
Latest Free PUBG UC Trick

Generally in a PUBG if you want to purchase a UC, So you have to buy it through Google Play Store or you can redeem the code that you have. If you try to buy UC in-game, you will be redirected directly to Google Play Store. That will complete the transaction of your money safely and securely. Google Play Store is a trusted, safe, and secure platform for android users. There is no doubt that you will face any problems in the google play store. You don’t have to worry about it.

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 2
Latest Free PUBG UC Trick

One thing you will not know is that there are many offers in Google Play Store too, in which you get a very good discount. But you will get this discount only in Games, app purchases, or In-app purchases. There is an offer running on Google Play Store right now. Which will benefit the player who plays PUBG and Freefire.

There is an offer on Google Play Store right now, in which you will get 50% to 70% off on in-app purchase purchasing. 50% off Free fire in-app purchases. using it you can buy anything in the free fire. Get 200 Indian rupees off on purchases over 400 Indian rupees and many more.

Current offers

  1. Get a 50% off on a custom card room in the free fire game.
  2. Great deals on carrom pool at only 49 Indian rupees.
  3. 200 Indian rupees off on purchases over 400 rs in PUBG.
  4. Fill in information and ratings of unknown places in google Maps and get 20 rs credit in the google play store. which you can use in purchasing more than 30 rs.
  5. Get an American Football Uniform at only 49 rupees (Premium Outfits)
  6. Diamonds at 80% Discount in Octro 3 Patti.
  7. 100 rs Cashback- of your first purchase on google Playstore using a Paytm UPI.
  8. It is a Monthly Deal. Which changes every month. Next month you might get a better deal than this. Don’t miss it.

Google Playstore Link

Get a Free 660 UC Worth Rs 799 From a Flipkart Mobile App

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 4
Latest Free PUBG UC Trick

A new feature has also come in Flipkart. In which you do any shopping, you get gold supper coins. In which you get 4 super coins for 100 rupees shopping. Today all of us do a lot of online shopping, we all know this and Flipkart is India’s best online store and is liked by millions of Indian people.

You may not know but you will also have a lot of super coins in your Flipkart account. One simple fat, Now no one buys mobile from local shops. Also, you are not. Everyone orders mobile and other electronic items online and more people like Flipkart than Amazon. This is the Best Free PUBG UC Trick ever.

You can also get UC for free with Flipkart’s Super Coin. If you have 630 Flipkart Super Coins then you will get 660 UC absolutely for free. It is absolutely free, you do not need to spend any extra money on it or nothing any hidden charges. You can see these deals in Flipkart mobile app and which is available for both android and Ios. See the complete process below to get it

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 5
Latest Free PUBG UC Trick
  • Click on the three-line menu on the top left side of the Flipkart app.
  • Go to my account and select a Flipkart plus zone.
  • You can see all facts about super coins and it redeemed option.
  • If you click on the CLAIM button, you can see all redemption options.
  • Choose a gaming option. You can see these offers also.

Offer Detail

  1. Free get 660 UC pack.
  2. It offers only available for PUBG Mobile users only.
  3. Offers can be claimed once per Flipkart user. In one day.
  4. It is a not one-time offer but once the code is redeemed you can not get a refund.
  5. You can use it separately, you can not combine it with other offers.
  6. It is once per user in a day and non-transferable.
  7. You need to redeem this voucher within 15 days of issue.

Participate in PUBG In-game Events.

Latest Free PUBG UC Trick, Working on Mobile and PC, Anti-Ban 2019-2020. 6

This game also has some events in which you can win a lot of UC by participating. But you have to play the game well. If you do not have the skill, you will not get anything for free. You can see the CUP logo on the Left side top in the PUBG game lobby. There you can find many events and winning prizes.

You Can Participate in many PUBG Events and get a Free UC and Royal Pass or win a Paytm.

Many people play live games or many other games on YouTube. There are many people who see him and millions of people subscribe to his or her channel. They also make a lot of money with live games streaming.

Now let’s talk about the new gaming YouTube channel. He creates custom rooms for the growth of the Gaming YouTube channel and invites his viewers to play. If you are a good player of PUBG games then you must take part in them. The winning prize of that room is UC, Royal Pass, or PayTm cash. So you can easily earn a free UC or royal pass from such an event and custom room.

Try PUBG VPN Tricks and get a Premium item for free

PUBG VPN Tricks, Latest Free PUBG VPN Tricks, PUBG VPN Tricks

If you do not want UC or Royal Pass for free and just want premium Gun, helmet skins, and Outfits then you can try our PUBG VPN trick so that you can get any Premium items like Gun Skins, helmet skins, Outfits, Coupon Scrap for free. For these free tricks, the following link is given here.


Visit and Get Chip Royal Pass and UC.

It is a simple website and just works like a broker or agent. I don’t know exactly but I hear about this site from many friends. I don’t know if it is the right way or not and if it is the right choice. Other tricks are defiantly working and safe methods. This is only for your information. I never suggest this method to you. You can buy UC from this website but keep in mind read its all privacy policy and disclaimers carefully before you spent money there.

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