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How to Download and Use FlyVPN MOD APK?

Hello Readers, If you are looking for the best free VPN service then you can download and use FlyVPN MOD APK. If you want good service without spending any money then it can be useful for you. You will find below all information related to the application in this article. So that you do not face any problem in downloading or using it.

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You know that VPN is a very useful application for you so that all information about your mobile will be safe. If you are using the internet from any of the free networks, then the chances of your data being leaked or hacked are very high. Then all the software like this helps you and provides you extra protection against hacking.

You get this facility in two types. One is in you can purchase a VPN service by spending money, and second, you can use any free application in which you do not need to spend any money. If you want to go with the freeway then maybe FlyVPN MOD APK become very useful for you.

However, when you spend money and use a VPN service, then you get to see a lot of special features. In this, you will get some facilities which you will never get in any free service. You can understand that nothing is available for free today. However, if you compare this application with another free service, then you will get to use many things in it for free.

What Is VPN and Why should I use it

It provides you with more security and protection against data stolen or hacked when you are used any public internet network. A public internet network is a very sensitive and risky network There are many chances of your data being hacked. Because in the same network, you do not know who all the people are connected to and what they are doing. If the firewall of that network is not strong, then some hacker can easily steal your data and you will never know who it was.

Do you need VPN?

If you use the public free internet network more and your mobile or computer has a lot of Confidential information, then you should definitely use any VPN. And if there is no useful data on your mobile or computer and you are just using it for entertainment or watching videos then there is no problem.

How is It Protect You?

Whenever you use it and do any activity on the Internet, then all that data does not reach you directly. It reaches the VPN server through you and no one can track your real IP address, because the VPN server’s firewalls are very strong and cannot be broken easily. Now you must know why it provides you extra security and why it is important for you.


FlyVPN Mod APK 1

Nowadays we have all the important information on our phones or laptop. what should you do if someone steals or hacked your data, You can get in a lot of trouble if it happened. If you want to avoid all the trouble like these then you can use VPN services like that and provide more security to yourself.

If you want to access such websites and services which blocked in your working area or country then you can easily bypass blocked IP or security firewall using such service. It helps a lot if you do it.

FlyVPN MOD APK Features

FlyVPN Mod APK 3

As you know, you get to use it in two ways, one is free and the other way is that you have to pay monthly money for it. This is a free way in which you do not have to pay any money. In this, you will not get all paid service facilities but your work will be done for free.

FlyVPN Mod APK 4

Let’s see what you get for free and how useful all these things are going to be for you. Below you can see some features of this application. if you have decided that you have to use this Android application, then it is very important for you to read this.

FlyVPN Mod APK 2
  • It is defiantly free service which is become very helpful for you.
  • The official app comes with lots of irritating advertisements but the mod application comes with an ad-free environment.
  • Available many servers to connect with one click.
  • It is very useful for PUBG VPN Tricks.
  • You can easily access all blocked URLs or websites.
  • It provides more security.
  • This will help you to prevent your data from being hacked or leaked.
  • Easy app navigation.
  • Most suitable for all types of users.

Why You have to Use FlyVPN Mod APK

As you know you have two options paid or free and this is one of the best services which will help a lot without spending any bucks. Here you can see below some app specifications which is more helpful if you decide to use it.


Required Android OSAndroid version 4.0.0 and Above
App SizeAround 7 MB
Last Update18 Aug 2020
Downloads3 Thousand Plus
App CategoryFree Virtual Private Server Service
App Rating4.0 out of 5
App VersionVersion 5.2
AvailabilityFree of Cost
DeveloperFly VPN Service Network
Root AccessNo need for root access to android smartphones.

Special Requirement

You can easily use it on any low-end or middle-range android device because it does not require any powerful android devices and also comes smaller in size.

Click Here to Download

Here you can see two download links if you want to download the official version of this app then you can download it via the google play store and if you want to try the mod apk without any ad then you can download it with our server.

How to Install Correctly?

  • This is a google play store download link which is quite a safe and trusted platform.
  • Recommended Browser Chrome browser, Opera web browser, Mozilla Firefox, and UC Browser to download Strange VPN Host APK.
  • Download File From the above Download link on your android smartphone.
  • Open the root Directory and find Downloaded File.
  • Open the Downloaded file and install it.
  • You need to enable an unknown source. (Follow Steps).
  • Click on install.
How to Download And Install
How to Download And Install
  • Open the settings of your android smartphone.
  • Click on Additional Settings. Go to the Privacy tab.
  • Click on Unknown sources Enable.
  • You can install it easily to follow these steps.
  • Done. Enjoy !!

How to Use?

This comes with a very simple user interface and navigation. I don’t think you will get any problem with it. You can connect with any secure server with one click.

  1. Download FlyVPN MOD APK.
  2. Install on any android device.
  3. Tap to the navigation bar and select your suitable country’s server.
  4. Tap to connect to VPN.
  5. You can see the connection status in the notification bar.
  6. Tap to disconnect the host if you want to disconnect.

Top 10 Best Alternatives of Strange VPN Host APK

Here you can find some best alternatives to this APK, you can try another if you did not like this android app.

2Hotspot Shield
4Surfshark VPN
7Proton VPN
8Battle Net


If you have to use this service, then it is necessary to get complete information about it first. You can find complete information related to this by searching on Google. This is the mod version of the official application, so maybe there is a bug or lag issue in it.


  • Is it an Official App? – No this is not an official app, It is a modded version of the official android application.
  • Is it comes with Bug? – Yes I am not sure but maybe you can get some minor bugs with it.
  • Free App? – Now it is offering a free service but In the coming days it may also be paid service or some features may be reduced.


If you use a free public internet network a lot then you should try it and defiantly it provides more security for you. You can try FlyVPN MOD APK for one time, If you are satisfied with this application then you can continue otherwise you can use any other application.

I hope Strange VPN Host APK will be useful for you and also you like it more. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get more video tips and tricks and don’t forget to follow us on social media to get instant updates on lots of new tricks and tips.

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