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What is the meaning of DM and DM Full Form in Hindi and English, This is a word that is used in many places so its full meaning is different Everywhere. Here you can find all DM Full Forms. From which you have to decide what you were looking for. We have included all the words as far as possible and we are confident you will get your answer.

DM Full Form in Hindi and English with Full Explanation

First, the full form of the word is given where it is most commonly used. There is a high official of the district whom we call DM, Which full form is District Magistrate. In other words, we also call him a collector. अगर हम हिंदी में बात करे तो इसका फुल फॉर्म होता है. डीएम = डिस्ट्रिक्ट मजिस्ट्रेट.

DM Full Form, Full Explanation Complete information 2
DM Full Form, Full Explanation Complete information 2

The District Magistrate is the highest officer of the district. They have the maximum power and full responsibility of the district. “DM Full Form” 90% of the people searching for this would have gotten their answer. Now according to the remaining people who search for it, it is another word and they would not have gotten their answer. Don’t worry. You too will get your answer below.

About a District Magistrate

We know DM as District Magistrate. DM is an Indian Administrative Service officer ( IAS Officer). Who is the most senior officer in the district administration? They have the highest power in the district and the entire responsibility of the district rests with them. They take care of the entire district.

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is the highest post in India’s services. What do you have to do for this post? So the answer is, you have to clear the exam for UPSC civil services. This exam is known to be the hardest exam in India and there are very few people who are able to clear this exam if you get a good rank in UPSC, then may you are selected for IAS.

After the clear exam of UPSC, you get many different posts, which are given to you according to your rank. Like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Its exam pattern is quite long and different from other exams. This is done by the central government of India. Let’s see how this process happens.

  • First of all, the prelims exam is taken by the UPSC commission. You get 2 marks for giving the correct answer in this exam, Also your marks are deducted from the wrong answer.
  • If you clear the prelims exam then you are selected for the mains. complete marks for this exam are 1750. In this, you have to write different papers on different topics.
  • Those who get the best marks in the main exam are called for an interview.
  • This interview is the most difficult. Any question can be asked in this. There is no syllabus for it.
  • If you clear all, then you are selected for any one of the services, like an IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Which is based on the marks who get.
  • After that sent for training. That gives you field-related training.
  • It takes time over 2 years to complete this process.

Required Qualification

  1. Must be a graduate in any field, There is no requirement that graduates should be in a specific field. To qualify for this exam, you must be a graduate.
  2. You must be between 21 and 35 years old. In these, a separate exemption has been given for the later sections. like SEBC, OBC, SC, ST. You can check it from the official website of UPSC.
  3. You have to get eligible marks in all different exams.

If you clear all these exams then you can be selected for IAS. If you are selected as an IAS, then you will have to work as a 2-year Deputy Collector. After that, you become District Magistrate.

DM Full Form (Other Words)

1District Magistrate
2Direct Message
3Display Message
4Decision Maker
5District Manager
6Data Manager
7Diabetes Mellitus
8Debit Margin
9Dungeon Master
10Dutch Master
11Dark Mistress
12Drink Maker
13Distinguished merit
14Myotonic Dystrophy
15Draw More
16Data Management
18Divisional Manager

In this table, you see more DM Full Form in Hindi and English. It is all different words that are used in different places. The short form is the same everywhere but means different. We are confident that you must have found your answer to this. For more such interesting information, Shopping Deals, tips, and tricks, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel. You will get all this information through that video.

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